Burgeo Haven
Inn on the Sea

The Inn on the Sea

What makes a good Inn?

Here at the Inn we foster an atmosphere of "home away from home". We have the nostalgia of the old, yet we are able to incorporate the new with such smoothness, that it's like going back in time and having all the conveniences of today's world.

Here at the Inn on the Sea, you are literally on the North Atlantic Ocean. You will have the privilege of lodging in the home of the late Spencer Lake, one of the fish merchants from an era gone by.

Here at the Inn you could sit around till the wee hours of the morning and mingle, or you might find yourself on the wharf searching the stars, just to find one to call your own. We have had folks who would share with us that the fellows on the wharf were really interested in hearing about who they were and how long they were staying. Here at Burgeo Haven Inn on the Sea, real friends are made and life seems to take a new direction.

One of our guests came from Manhattan with his wife, little girl and their Newfoundland dog. They had a little boat on the roof of their Volvo wagon; it wasn't long before they were home with the day's catch. They had pan-fried cod for supper. They got up at sunrise and had one of Martine's special breakfasts: fresh fruit salad and blueberry pancakes.

The discussion around the breakfast table was about how they stayed up till the wee hours of the morning, looking at the reflection of the stars in the ocean. It was so special for them to see the stars at night, never mind seeing their mirror images in the ocean. It was as if you could reach out and touch them, said the proud dad.

It is said that a long hike on the coast is as cleansing as a confessional. Some are so relaxed that they turn in early just so they can catch the sunrise from Maiden Tea Hill. Oh yes, did you know we are at the bottom of Maiden Tea Hill and that it has a boardwalk and a lookout with a view of the coast? It is a popular place to do photo shoots and paintings.

You can't help but slow down once you get to the Inn, as from here you have to go by boat.

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